Coin Folder for Cent - Lincoln Cent, Volume 3
Type of Coin :
  Lincoln Cent
Year :
  1959 - 1998, 4 panels - 90 holes
Folder Size :
  8 1/4" x 6 1/8"
Folder Brand :
  Littleton Coin Folder


The Lincoln cent, minted since 1909, is a true American coinage classic. Issued to commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of President Abraham Lincoln's birth, it features the longest continuous use of the same basic obverse design of any United States coin. Though the coin's design has remained relatively stable over the years, the metal composition has undergone some drastic changes. The original material was bronze (copper, tin and zinc) used through 1942. The next year, 1943, saw a one year changeover to zinc-coated steel, while cents struck in 1944 through 1946 used a material made from salvaged gun cartridge shell cases from WWII. The years 1947 to 1962 saw the resumption of the original bronze composition, followed by a slight alloy change from 1962-1982. However, a major change occurred in 1982, when the composition was altered from mostly copper (99.5%) with just a bit of zinc(0.5%), to mostly zinc (99.2%) with a touch of copper (0.8%) and a outer plating of pure copper.

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