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We developed this site to provide
quality US collectible coins and world coins to more people at low cost.
We focused on making this site Convenient and Easy for anybody to use.
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Bezalel? What is this?
Our company name <Bezalel> is a person's name from the Bible*. He was an artist and a craftsman.

As you may have noticed, our site is different from other coin web sites, especially the page layout, design and color scheme, because the owner of this site, Mr. David Kang who designed this site, was an artist and a creative director. Mr. Kang has been collecting coins for about 40 years, and the long time hobby made him a coin dealer. Mr. Kang says that Bezalel is his role model.

* Exodus 31:2, the Old Testament.

A.N.A. (American Numismatic Association) Member #R-1203466

Where are we?

Mailing Address:
Bezalel Coins
PO Box 2228
Fullerton, CA 92837

Monday - Saturday: 9 AM - 5 PM (Pacific time)

Please contact us by email, info@bezalelcoins.com


If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact us at


We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.


Technical problem or error on order?
If you are having any difficulties placing an order, please contact us at



Want to sell your coins?
If you don't collecting coins anymore, or if you have too many coins, we are always glad to buy your coins. We prefer to buy coins in Uncirculated or above condition. US coins and world coins. No Currency (paper money or bank note) please.
If you wish to sell your coins, please contact us at


Since we are located in the West Coast, we always have plenty of "D" mint coins(especially quarter and dollar rolls) and at the same time, we are always short in "P" mint coins. If somebody in the East Coast is suffering from same problem we have, please contact us. Let's trade the extra rolls.



All our sales are final, we don't accept returns.

Unlike other products, all of our coins are produced by US Mint, which is run by the US Government. They strictly control the quality of the coins. There is no probability of receiving a defective coin. We guarantee that you will receive coins in Brilliant Uncirculated conditions, unless otherwise we mentioned the grade under the coin.

You may rarely receive "strange looking" coins that may appear to be defective. However, in the coin market, we call them "error" coins.

There are various errors including double die, off center, wrong metal, or
mull which means the obverse and reverse side of the coin have different

If you find coins like these from the coins we send to you, be ecstatic because you have found a Fortune!. Error coins are very rare and they have high values. Some error coins are valued over thousands of dollars!



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